Our Process
- What to Expect from Inhabit

The process begins with assessing which tree house or build is going to be most appropriate for what the client wants to achieve.

We do this by initially looking at photos of what the woodland is like, what kind of trees are there, possible accessibility and other factors. We also look at the site on Google to get more rounded overview of the area.

If we think it is viable we will carry out a site visit. The purpose of a site visit is to get a more detailed evaluation including possible orientation of a treehouse, possible heights, the suitability of the trees and their condition, the condition of the ground and possible views that the treehouse could achieve,

We then provide the customer with a quote which will include anything that is outside the ordinary, for example, crane hire for anything higher than standard or anything else that is unique to the build.

If the customer is happy, a deposit is taken and we will then confirm installation dates.

This then kick starts the building phase. We do this initially offsite by prefabricating the whole structure in our workshop ready for delivery to site.

We then come out and do the on-site build to create the foundations and necessary drilling with as little distraction as possible.

Every build needs planning permission but the detail will depend on your rights to the land. Inhabit can assist you with all aspects of the planning process. The process typically takes 8 weeks Whilst we have a lot of experience in assisting clients with this side of the process, we strongly recommend using planning consultant with this.

The entire process including planning takes 3-4 months but some simpler treehouses or builds have been achieved inside a month.