About Inhabit Company

We are a passionate and experienced team who build ethically and environmentally minded treehouses and wooden based builds for commercial and private clients.

Founded in 2017, Inhabit is a team of experienced carpenters, designers, arborists, and some other brilliant people. We specialise in the design and build of fantastic spaces that create memories and connect people to nature, switching them off from the day to day.

As part of our treehouse projects, we use locally sourced, sustainable and durable wood. Typically our preferred woods for build include:

Douglas Fir
- This wood type is strong and doesn’t rot.
Sweet Chestnut
- A great looking hardwood that can’t fail to impress.
- This has an incredible smell and a colour that fills the senses.

What makes our builds right for you?

Engaging designs

We have designed our treehouses to be functional but also engaging. We incorporate the texture of the raw wood to establish authenticity and to be a constant reminder that you are up in the trees. This tactile quality has really established the New Leaf Treehouses as an experience to stay in and own.

Unique results

All metal work is engineered per treehouse so, whilst design is standard, every treehouse is totally unique with your choice from a wide range of extras and fittings. The setting for each treehouse of course makes it truly unique - nature's own luxury - whether you’re placed in the Sussex countryside or the Scottish Highlands.

Ethical builds

We love nature and being in nature, so it makes sense that everything we do has the environment in mind. We use sustainable materials and locally sourced woods where possible, reducing our carbon footprint.

Get in touch

To start a conversation and see how you can reach new heights in our designs, please call us on 07947341400, email info@newleafthc.co.uk, or complete our contact form. To learn more about our experience and ethos, click here.